Frenquently Asked Questions

Why are tickets so expensive this year?

We're including hotel costs, so your rooms will be paid for from your ticket cost. Also we're adding a bunch of wild-shit this year. Yeah I said that. Wanna know how much this event is going to cost to host? See the event budget.

I've attended in the past years & I want to buy a

New attendees need to apply to attend, Super-Friends just buy your ticket.

This is my first time, what is this event like?

Our attendees are the friendliest people on the planet. The speakers are inspirational, we focus on social, meeting people & creating relationships. Prepare yourself to laugh and smile at this event.

What airlines fly to Panama City?

Our airport has delta, southwest etc. Our airport code is ECP. Once you register we'll email you a form to fill out so we'll have a shuttle waiting on you.

How do I moonwalk?

Here's a good video to learn.

Who is speaking?

Last year we made it a rule not to announce speakers, only know they will be amazing. We'll tell you who is speaking the day of the event.

I'm a vegan, will you provide gross food that we enjoy?

Maybe so, but that's weird, eat meat please. Their will be tons of meat also probably some weird vegetables as well.

Why are you devastating me with your eyes right now?

I can't help it, my eyes just reflect the way I feel about you.

What should I wear to this event?

We suggest looking at the weather forecast, usually in April the weather in Panama City is amazing, around 70 degress. We do suggest bringing your bathing suit (thongs are not provided). Also bring shoes that you don't mind getting sandy (flip flops etc).

Who are Allan & Steve?

We're two fly-ass honkies that founded LessEverything. We build apps, we host events and we wanna be your friend.