2013 Conference Budget

Here's what it costs to create this event.

This year, a dear friend gave us the idea to be extra transparent with the conference expenditures. So here is the budget line items.

Hosting an event that is "next level" like this is very expensive, so the risk is high for us. Each attendee has a built in cost of $500 just for hotel.

We hope you choose to attend our event, we feel it's small and special. We know you'll have the greatest time ever.

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Total Cost:
Based off of 250 people attending.
Day Item Cost
Thursday April 11th Airport Shuttles $3,250
Reception Space Rental $840
Reception Food $6,000
Reception Booze $3,200
Friday April 12th Shuttles to venue $4,000
Venue Rental $1,500
Breakfast $3,000
Lunch $5,850
Surprise $4,000
Dinner $6,200
Party $10,500
Saturday April 13th Breakfast $3,000
Lunch $4,500
Surprise $8,300
Dinner $8,500
Party $12,000
Sunday April 14th Breakfast $3,000
Lunch $6,000
Surprise $6,000
Misc Hotel Accommodations $118,000